Excellent 3 mile run on the trail this morning after about a month absence.  Got home and did some dumbbell exercises on my arms just to say that I did.  For breakfast I took down the last of my kale shakes and then a large coffee as I rolled into the office.  There is this flavored creamer that we use that’s really tasty and has all natural ingredients. The bad thing is that I looked today and it said it contains “cane sugar”.   Just a few weeks ago it said “cane juice”. I know its basically the same thing, but still interesting that they changed. It’s a soy creamer from Silk but I’m going to have to figure something else out since I’m trying to 86 all sugar from the diet.  First World Problems…

For lunch Michelle made me an awesome chicken salad with a small thing of blue cheese dressing.  Whoever invented blue cheese probably needs to be president of the world.  I can’t get enough of the stuff even though it’s laden with calories.  Shout out to Cousin Dave in KC for introducing me to my first wedge salad at the Capitol Grille many years ago. And thanks for one of my love handles while I’m at it…  In addition my salad Michelle packed me a large apple, some almonds and about a cup of popcorn. For dinner she made her locally famous(our house)chicken enchiladas – pronounced ANCHiladas.  (inside joke). I had one serving with some beans and a couple of tortilla chips.  A little higher calorie day, but limiting myself to one serving and still no wheat, sugar or booze(unless she snuck some tequila in the sauce), so I’m feeling great.

Today I want to pause to recognize Michelle’s Aunt Connie who passed away yesterday. She was a super sweet lady with an awesome sense of humor and I really enjoyed getting to know her the past 6 years that Michelle and I have been married.  We will be heading to Houston tomorrow for the services so my thoughts are with Kellye, Johnny and the rest of the Morrow family.

Here is a video of Michelle’s cousin Cory singing one of my personal favs: